Our 5 year old malamute had an ongoing issue with lameness and stiffness in his back from June this year. He was not himself at all, didn’t want to go for walks, wasn’t eating well etc and he lost a lot of weight. We had X-rays and blood tests done but nothing showed up and our vet concluded that he’d just pulled a ligament or wrenched his leg at some point so put him on Metacam for the pain and told us to keep him quiet with no long walks or off leash running/playing for 6-8 weeks.

We followed these instructions and Chase improved a little. He gained some weight but the lameness kept coming back.

At this point we asked our vet about alternative approaches and with her full approval and recommendation we contacted Dr. Nadeau at Hoof & Paw Acupuncture to make an appointment for her to assess Chase.


Dr. Nadeau is very thorough and very professional. Chase had an initial assessment and treatment and then one follow up treatment a week or two later and the difference in him afterwards was just incredible. He could jump up from his bed without a struggle, was happy to come for long walks again and play rough with our other young dog and he was eating normally again.

I cannot recommend Dr. Nadeau highly enough. Her techniques had a huge impact on our dog’s well-being and he has remained sound and happy for the last 2 months. I won’t hesitate to go back to Hoof & Paw again if we ever need to!


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