You are probably asking yourself what the title of this blog could possibly mean. In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, the Blood plays a very important role in health, just as it does in conventional medicine. Today, blood can be taken from a patient and can be evaluated within a very short period of time to see how the organs are functioning, and what the state of the red and white blood cells are. Hundreds of years ago, when Traditional Chinese Medicine came into being, no such tests could be run. The practitioners of the time used other, external parameters to determine the health of the Blood. When one's Blood is beautiful, one can expect excellent health.

dogs paw

In animals, the way in which this is determined is the quality of their coat, foot pads and nails. In the case of horses, the coat and hooves are examined. As you can see in the upper picture, the foot pads and nails are a beautiful black and are smooth to the touch. One of my instructors once said, "Foot pads should look like the type of gloves you would drive your Maserati with." Since hearing this statement, I have been examining the foot pads of every dog and cat that I see. Unfortunately most that I see are grey, rough and cracked, such as is seen in the lower picture. Now this does not mean that the animal is diseased in any way. There is just some room for improvement .

You can see how pale and dry these foot pads are. They should be either black or pink, depending on the colour of the dog.

cracked horse hoof

The hoof above is dry with shallow vertical cracks. The one below is nice and smooth and shiny and in good shape, reflecting the Beautiful Blood of this horse.

good horse hoof

This dog's coat has multiple colours and is multidimensional as it should be.

dog shiny coat

Here is another example of a horse with Beautiful Blood. His coat gleams in the sun and there are many shades of bay here.

horse shiny coat

These horses' coats are dry and rough, even though they are beautiful specimens. Horses whose coats fade in the sun are Blood deficient, this does not happen with Beautiful Blood.

horses poor coats

So now you have looked at your dog's foot pads or your horse's hooves and realized that there is some room for improvement, so you are wondering what to do now. Nutrition is the most important factor here. A rich, varied diet, with little to no processed foods is the key. Each individual animal has their own needs for a diet, so it is difficult to make blanket recommendations. Here are a few suggestions, but if you would like more specific information, please feel free to contact me to set up an appointment!

Horses- feed 2 tbsps freshly milled flax seed daily.

Dogs and cats- sardines packed in water are a great way to tonify the Blood.

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