I thought it was time for me to share some case examples with you. The first is an example of how a diagnostic scan is used to determine where a lameness is in a horse. I saw a mare whose owner felt like she had issues in her shoulder that had been going on for over 4 years. Many modalities had been used to try and treat her lameness, which seemed to come and go, but nothing seemed to make a true difference. With her scan, I determined that her problem was actually in her feet and not in her shoulder at all. I treated her with acupuncture, including electro-acupuncture and a few days later I received a message from her owner stating that the mare had not felt so good in over 4 years.

When I treat a horse for the first time and often on subsequent treatments, I use a dull ended instrument (usually an acupuncture needle insertion tube) and "scan" or put pressure along some of the meridians and points on the horse's body. When a combination of points show up as being sensitive, it can be determined where in the body the problem lies and treatment will usually result in these points no longer showing sensitivity. Along with the location of a lameness, this scan can also be used to determine if the horse may have stomach or large intestinal ulcers, dental pain and other problems. It is a wonderful diagnostic tool in the hands of a TCVM practitioner.

Here is another case that shows great improvement. This poor guy was diagnosed with severe navicular disease years ago and the only option the owners were really given was euthanasia. Fortunately for him, they took him home, expecting him to be a pasture pal for his remaining years. Here in the first video, you can see how sore he was just at a walk.

I think that you will be able to see in this second video, that was taken after only 1 treatment, that there is significant improvement. He may not be perfect yet, but with continued support with acupuncture and herbal therapy, there's hope he will hit the trails with his dedicated owner again.

It is so nice to see improvement for these horses, who just needed the extra bit of help, and the magic of TCVM, to become sound again.

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