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Hoof & Paw Veterinary Acupuncture Services brings alternative health services to your door.  Offering in home, on farm or vet visits in the Cochrane, Alberta and surrounding areas. 
An initial appointment can take anywhere from 1-2 hrs and follow ups are 30-60 minutes.
We offer Equine Vet Services for your pet or competitive horses.  And, we provide wellness treaments for your Small Animals
This includes:  acupuncture with or without needles using either massage or an infra red machine if necessary, food therapy which includes homemade diet recommendations or dry food top ups, chiropractic in dogs, some osteopathy in horses and prescription of Chinese Herbal Formulas.
Please call or email for more information and to book an appointment.
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Examining equine pets or athletes to determine changes in behavior or performance.

Offering comprehensive treatment for lameness or various diseases including some osteopathy and chiropractic care with the focus being on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

Acupuncture relieves pain, anxiety, muscle soreness, and other sources of discomfort in horses. 

Dr. Nadeau can help identify current or potential risks for competitive horses.


Fine, single-use, sterile needles are used in specific points on the body to stimulate the body to heal itself and find balance. 

Specialized modalities are also available such as:   

Electro-Acupuncture which is excellent for pain control, weakness and other conditions 

Aquapuncture where a sterile substance is injected into acupuncture points to prolong their effect

Moxa which is a herb that is burned in a roll and can help in many conditions.


Chinese herbal blends have been in use for a very long time, some dating back thousands of years.  They can be used to potentiate the effects of an acupuncture treatment. 

Chinese herbal formulas can be given at the same time as conventional medications prescribed by your regular vet and are usually side effect free. 

Does your animal not like needles?  Herbal therapy can be used effectively alone or along with Food Therapy and Chinese Massage to benefit your pet.  No needles required!

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Balanced home cooked diets designed specifically for your animal can be very therapeutic. 

Don't want to cook?  Learn what foods you can supplement your animal's regular diet with to maximize their health.  Home cooked diets can be an essential part of bringing your animal back to health. 

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This is another great modality for needle-phobic animals. 

Chinese Massage Therapy can have similar effects to acupuncture treatments and can also be used along with acupuncture needles.  The great thing about Tui Na is that it can easily be taught to you so that you can continue your animal's treatment in between vet visits.